Nina Childers of Bella Salon & Spa

Nina Childers

Owner/Creative Director
Owner, Mother, Wife. 20 years of experience in industry. Always educating herself in the latest trends and techniques. When she's not behind the chair you'll find her taking pride in everything that goes on behind the scenes. "Make today so awesome that yesterday gets jealous"
{ hours not available }
Morgan Johnson of Bella Salon & Spa

Morgan Johnson

Creative Director
With a personality and heart as big as Morgan's we're sure you won't forget her. With 10+ years in the beauty industry Morgan feels most creative with color, specializing in corrective color and blonding. Her attention to detail and efficiency is what makes her guests feel like a million bucks.
{ Tues: 9:30-5 Weds: 9:30-3 Thurs: 9:30-5 Fri: 9:30-5 }
Kacee Hamilton of Bella Salon & Spa

Kacee Hamilton

Master Stylist
With Kacee's bubbly and nurturing personality we're positive you'll love her. With her artistry she loves to enhance natural texture. She takes each clients skin tone, face shape and lifestyle into consideration to create a personalized look.
{ Tues: 9:30-2 Weds: 9:30-2 Thurs: 5-9 Fri: 9-3 }
Maria Bruno of Bella Salon & Spa

Maria Bruno

Master Stylist
Maria has over 30 years in the industy. She is passionate about her clients and strives to give them the best experience. Color, cuts and updos are her passion. Never stop learning is her motto!
{ Tues: 9-3 Weds: 3-9 Thurs: 11-9 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-3 }
Jenn Lupo of Bella Salon & Spa

Jenn Lupo

Master Stylist
With intense education and training Jen loves to handle curly frizzy hair, making sure that each cut is specialized for your specific curl pattern. She is certified in Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin Complex. Jenn loves all aspects of coloring as well, anything from a beautiful brown to hot pink!
{ Tues: 9-4 Weds: 9-4 Thurs: 2-9 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-4 }
Becky Higgins of Bella Salon & Spa

Becky Higgins

Senior Stylist
Becky has such a beautiful vision for each client that gets to sit in her chair. Becky specializes in smoothing treatments, highlights and men's cuts. She is meticulous in each service she gives leaving the client feeling renewed with effortless hair.
{ Weds: 12-9 Thurs: 9-4 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-4 }
Karen Zaffarano of Bella Salon & Spa

Karen Zaffarano

Senior Stylist/Make-Up Artist
Karen loves meeting new guests and building relationships with them. She strives to ensure you’re leaving feeling and looking your best. Karen specializes in styling, updos and is one of our makeup artists! When she’s not in the salon, she’s continuing her education, bringing guests the latest trends and styles.
{ Mon: 11-5 Tues: 3-9 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-2 }
Maddie Kerns of Bella Salon & Spa

Maddie Kerns

Senior Stylist
Maddie is a blonde enthusiastic! She has always been a creative individual who can't keep still unless she is making some sort of art. She specializes in color as well as makeup. When Maddie is not at the salon you can find her cooking, drawing, or watching Netflix.
{ Weds: 3-9 Thurs: 12-7 Fri: 9-5 }
Madison Perry of Bella Salon & Spa

Madison Perry

Madison loves fantasy colors and is a blonde enthusiast! She will give you that flare that you are looking for. She loves bringing the unique, individuality out in you. She always ensures you're leaving with a smile on your face!
{ Tues: 3-9 Weds: 11-7 Thurs: 1-9 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 8-4 }
Kristie Ramos of Bella Salon & Spa

Kristie Ramos

Stylist/Lash Artist
Kristie loves bringing out your natural beauty. She will pair the perfect tone for those highlights or base color for your hair. She customizes each guest's desired style to ensure it is the ideal fit for their lifestyle. Kristie also can brighten your face by doing lash lifts and tints!
{ Thurs: 5-9 Fri: 9-2 Sat: 8-4 }
Alyssa Fiorentino of Bella Salon & Spa

Alyssa Fiorentino

Alyssa thrives in creating custom, one of a kind hair for my guests. She specializes in foiling, coloring, and styling. What brings me most joy working behind the chair is seeing my guests' faces once the service is over. She can't wait to meet you!
{ Mon: 11-7 Tues: 3-9 Weds: 3-9 Fri: 9-5 Sat: 9-4 }
Cassidy O'Donnell of Bella Salon & Spa

Cassidy O'Donnell

Stylist/Salon Lead
Cassidy can do it all! She excels at color, highlighting, cuts and styles. She loves getting to know people, and while you're in her chair - you're guaranteed a good time and laugh.
{ Sat: 8-4 }
Julie Durdaller of Bella Salon & Spa

Julie Durdaller

She has a passion and love of all things beauty and skin. She is excited for your time together and to be apart of your skin journey. Julie is a firm believer that self care is for everyone and it is important to nurture your well-being.
{ Tues: 10-3 Weds: 2-8 Thurs: 12-3 Fri: 10-4 Sat: 9-3 }
Mackenzie Stone of Bella Salon & Spa

Mackenzie Stone

Lash Artist
Mackenzie is here to open your eyes to the beautiful world of lashes. She is passionate about lashing and loves to make sure her guests leave with an individualized, tailored look. When she is not at the salon, she is hanging out with her husband and family!!
{ Tues: 9-3 Weds: 9-3 Thurs: 2-9 Fri: 9-3 Sat: 9-3 }
Tessa Cugini of Bella Salon & Spa

Tessa Cugini

Lash Artist
Tessa will take care of your lashes and give you one of a kind look. She tailors every guest to ensure their eye shape and features are perfectly highlighted. When she's not doing lashes, Tessa loves to hand out with friends and get some sun!
{ Sat: 8-4 }