Our haircuts will reflect the length of your haircuts, and the technical difficulty of the haircut.
Services Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist Creative Director
Barber Style (clipper cut) $46+ $48+ $51+ $54+
Short (ears and above) $48+ $52+ $57+ $63+
Medium (ears to collarbones) $51+ $56+ $65+ $70+
Long (collarbones and below) $67+ $73+ $81+ 86+
Under 10 yrs Barber Style (clipper cut) $24+ $26+ $30+ $33+
Under 10 yrs Short (ears and above) $26+ $30+ $33+ $35+
Under 10 yrs Medium (ears to collarbones) $31+ $34+ $36+ $39+
Under 10 yrs Long (collarbones and below) $36+ $39+ $42+ $45+


Our treatments offer moisture and restorative benefits. This is to help make sure your hair is looking its ultimate best as you leave. Your stylist will formulate the best treatment for your hair.
Customized Treatments $31+


These style options are the perfect finish to your services.
Services Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist Creative Director
*Style $34+ $36+ $37+ $39+
*Advanced Style $50+ $52+ $55+ $57+
*Downstyle $70+ $72+ $75+ $77+
*Formal Style $95+ $100+ $108+ $113+
Silky Smooth Blowdry $51+ $53+ $55+ $58+
* Styles for guests with existing hair extensions are available


Our stylists can help pair you with the perfect extensions. We offer hand tied, beaded and a halo. We would love to chat with you about your hair expectations!
Consultation Price requires initial consultation


Our color services will ensure that those pesky grays, and ends are covered and refreshed so they will be shiny again!
Services Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist Creative Director
Color Retouch $75+ $81+ $89+ $95+
Roots to End $101+ $108+ $117+ $121+
Color Glossing $31+ $34+ $36+ $39+
Corrective Color Price requires initial consultation
Mermaid Hair Price requires initial consultation

Highlights & Balayage

Our premium lightening services now include a treatment or toner, and our bonding agent. This helps ensure you're achieving your desired look without any hidden fees.
Services Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist Creative Director
Partial Foil Highlights $146+ $155+ $166+ $173+
Full Foil Highlights $161+ $169+ $179+ $188+
Partial Balayage $158+ $167+ $178+ $185+
Full Balayage $190+ $199+ $210+ $217+
3T (Trim, Toner, Treatment) $112+ $121+ $132+ $140+
* *prices vary based on stylist level

Smoothing & Texture Treatments

The Brazilian Blowout helps smooth out your hair and reduce any frizz or flyaways. Perms give your natural hair the ability to achieve a wave or curl.
Services Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist Creative Director
Brazilian Smoothing Treatment $396+ $402+ $410+ $415+
Brazilian Smoothing Express Treatment $198+ $202+ $211+ $217+
Short Length Perm (ears and above) $118+ $123+ $131+ $138+
Medium Length Perm (ears to collarbones) $130+ $135+ $143+ $150+
Long Length Perm (collarbones and below) $141+ $146+ $154+ $161+
* Price may increase based on length and thickness of hair. All texture services require an initial consultation.

Facial Waxing

Remove any stubborn unwanted hair to be able to achieve smooth skin.
Eye Brow $21
Lip Wax $13
Chin Wax $13


Unsure of what services you need? Reserve a consultation!
Initial Consultation $31


Levels 1 - 2

Stylists have had 2-3 years of experience working under our Master Stylists and Creative Directors. Our Stylists have excelled in our Bella Salon and Spa training program and have tested out of our associate course. Our stylists will continue their education path in haircutting, coloring and design.

Senior Stylists

Levels 3 - 5

Senior Stylists have 5+ years of experience and wow us with their education, demand, and experience. They have met Bella Salon and Spa's standards and have clearly displayed their knowledge and competence in advanced color, design, and finishing. At this level our Senior Stylists have a strong commitment to ongoing education, building our brand, and seeking out new inspiration.

Master Stylists

Levels 6 - 7

Master Stylists have 8 plus years of experience, advanced training, and many hours behind the chair. Most of our masters are mentors in our salon, sharing their expert knowledge with our lower-level stylists. At this level they are dedicated to continuing their education in and outside the salon. Some of our Master Stylists are certified educators for the Brands we partner with.

Creative Directors

Level 8+

Creative Directors thrive on being industry leaders and educators. With 15 plus years of excellence in coloring, haircutting, and design.